Who we are

OMG International Co., Ltd.

In creating and discovering products and services, we consider the customer’s demands at all times. We offer only

high-quality products which we, ourselves would want to use. We take care, pay attention, and create enchanting

designs! With creative marketing we increase value and benefits to the recipient.

OMG, Sense Men Serum, Ginkgo Plus L-Tyrosine, Zinc Amino Acid


“Create quality products to respond to the demands of customers. Communicate and provide service with honesty

and sincerity. Deliver happiness and satisfaction to all people. Challenge limitations because we truly believe that

there is nothing humans cannot do. We will continually develop to change the world for the better forever. ”


Our aim is to make our performance as good as possible and will continue to develop until we reach the highest point of excellence.

  1. Find and respond to our customers demands.

  2. Continually offer quality and constantly develop our business.

  3. Communicate with sincerity and not make promises that we are unable to deliver.

  4. Provide a service that is convenient and quick, and create a good impression.

  5. Be regular, reliable, and highly professional.

  6. Be determined to ensure customers experience is as expected, or exceeds their expectation

Be responsible global citizen by delivering good and safe products and services.

Consideration should be given to the environment and society, and social rules should be strictly respected.

Dare to take risks, be responsible, learn and improve.

Keep our word.

Our partnership