Work with OMG

OMG International Co., Ltd. is a distributor and importer/exporter of leading health and lifestyle products under OMG brand.

We have operated with technology and new out-of-the-box thinking method and had expertise in digital marketing for more than 10 years. Now we would like to offer new and distinctive value for customers and tap into global markets. We provide an excellent opportunity for smart people who aim for progress, look for highly challenging job, wish to create new value for others and want to prove that everything is possible to join our great mission.

Excellent creativity, innovation and service will never been made if there is no well-qualified human resource. We are attentive to ability and morality of the working team, regardless of education background, race, gender or age. We encourage employees to work happily and joyfully along with challenges of difficult tasks and never stop developing themselves. We allocate satisfying benefits for good quality of life of all employees to enable them to apply the utmost of their thought and ability to create the valuable business for people and society.

  • Believe that “Everything is possible”
  • Possess attitude of champion with no compromise
  • Stand firm for accuracy, transparency and persist in public interest
  • Eager for challenges, difficult tasks, big projects
  • Possess attitude of extreme perfection
  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Well working time management and keep personal issues separate from work
  • Easily work together with others
  • Desire to continually develop his/herself
  • Creative thinking and look for chances to express opinions
  • Provident Fund
  • Health insurance / life insurance / accident insurance
  • Annual bonus payment based on performance
  • Company’s library
  • Leaning and seminar programs throughout the year for ability enhancement
  • Health benefit / annual health check up
  • Employee discount prices on purchase of company’s products
  • Company’s party in various occasions
  • Annual local and international trip